Stirling Castle And The Glengoyne Whisky Distillery Day Tour.

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The Palace Inside Stirling Castle.
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William Wallace, Victory At Stirling.
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Glengoyne Distillery, Scotch Single Malt Whisky.

Kings, Queens & Bravehearts.


Tour Overview:

This private tour is flexible & suitable for both (1.) Cruise-Ship Passengers at port Greenock. (2.) Day Tour From Glasgow Hotels.

En-route passing Glasgow and imagine going back in time to Medieval age when Stirlingshire was ‘The key to the Kingdom’. Next, explore the castle where the Scots were ruled, by the royal Stuarts who reigned for Centuries. Royals, religion and wars made Scotland and real life ‘Braveheart’ William Wallace fighting for freedom, nearby tower monument. Soon after King Robert the Bruce, victory at bannock burn AD 1314 re-established Independence. Mary Queen of Scots, strengthened the ‘auld alliance’ with France by marrying King Francis in 1588 Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris. Visit old monastic abbey ruin and walk across a stone arched bridge that is 500 yrs old. After lunch, enjoy a world class experience drinking the finest Scotch single malt whisky at the picturesque Glengoyne whisky distillery. Find out how the ‘Water of Life’ is made and what the ‘Angels share’ means?


What To Expect:

A wee bit of everything Scottish in a day tour, history, scenery and whisky. Sightseeing and storytelling and only drive for an hour between stops makes this more fun. The castle and royal palace at Stirling are the best one in Scotland to visit, so a must see. The castle has informative guides and headsets reciting the tales of the past. 



1. Stirling castle.
2. Cambuskenneth Abbey.
3. Stirling Bridge.
4. Balfron.
5. Killearn.
6. Glengoyne Distillery.

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The Key To The kingdom of Scotland, Stirling Castle.
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Cambuskenneth Abbey, Remains of William Wallace & King James III.
Old Stirling Bridge, 500 Years Old.